The CAF Refereeing activities covers a wide range of educational and administrative functions for CAF. 

Educational Functions: 

• Organisation of Elite Referee Courses. 
• Organisation of Elite Referee Instructor and Assessor courses. 
• Organisation of Refresher courses 
• Monitoring and Feedback to Referees at the individual Member 
Associations on their performances in all competitions administered 
by CAF. 
• Preparation of Manuals for Referees, Instructors and Assessors. 
• Establishment of development programs to increase the quality and 
quantity of instructors at the national level within the CAF member 

Administrative Functions: 

• Appointment of Elite and Female and Futsal FIFA Referees, Assistant 
Referees and Assessors to the various competitions administered by 
• Monitoring Referee Instructors, Assessors and Referees 
performances and progress through submitted reports 
• Monitoring and assisting Member Association Referees 
• Filing and data entry of all fixtures and grading of Referees 
• Database of Referee contacts and personal details 
• Database of Referee equipment needs 
• Database of Referee Fitness Reports